Simple Pine Caskets is a family
owned business located in
Cedar City, Utah.
Kay Harris, a long time artist and
woodworker, is the principal
designer/craftsman. He built his
first casket in 1993 as a labor of
love for his own three year old
daughter, Marita. Since that time
he has built many caskets on
request as gifts for friends and

Kay is now offering his services
to others who are looking for an
alternative way to celebrate the
life of their loved ones.
We build our caskets from the
finest grade of pine available,
and personalize them with laser
engravings, metal sculptures and
decorative woodworking.  We
believe each casket should be a
work of art as well as a
testament of love.                         
About our Caskets
The Law
If you purchase a casket from us,
the law states that the funeral
home may not refuse, or charge a
fee to handle one of our caskets.  
For more information about the
law and what it means to you
please visit our
FTC Rule page
About Us
How many times have you heard a loved one say, "I just want to
be buried in a simple pine box?"  Yet, when you go to the funeral
home it is anything but simple.  Now you have a choice.

We build pine caskets out of the absolute finest materials to the
highest standards of craftsmanship, and we make them one at a
time.  Moreover, we handcraft each casket and personalize it to
reflect the life of your loved one.  Sometimes it takes an artist, not
a mortician, to help you celebrate a life.  It will cost a lot less and
mean a lot more.
Infant Caskets
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